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Speaking Topics:

  • The #1 Secret Every 6-Figure Entrepreneur Wants To Know: How To Work Less And Travel More

Sally will help you focus in on what is really important in your life.  She addresses the necessity of finding the work-life balance, and gives tips that you can put into place to make that change happen now.

  • 3 Keys to Mastering Your Money (So You Can Stop Stressing About It!)

Where do you begin to really manage your money and feel that you are doing the right things?  Sally lays out the basic pieces you need to get started.  Once you’ve been given the foundation, you will feel more confident about creating real change.

  • Overcome Your Fears Around Money– What You Need To Know That Is Holding You Back

Did you know that a lot of our anxiety over money started way back in our childhood?  Sally will lead you through an exercise that will help you change the ways in which you think about money, so that you will begin to manifest a wealthier, more confident future.

  • The 3 Secrets to Finding Money For Travel And Fun (It’s Easier Than You Think!)

Stop waiting to retire in order to travel!  Live now and have no regrets when you’re old and gray.  Yes, you can.  Allow yourself to envision the things you really want to do, and Sally will give you all the steps you need to make it all happen.

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Sally Domingo is a wealth empowerment expert, speaker, writer and coach, and founder of Women Wealth Mastery.

She helps successful women to master their money in order to create the life of fun and travel that they truly desire. As a six-figure entrepreneur for over 25 years, working in advising and sales in three industries, she is familiar with the challenges of balancing life and work. She has worked as a Financial Advisor to many professional men and women in retirement planning, life insurance and financial strategies. She is founder of Women Wealth Mastery, and through a combination of education and mentorship she helps her clients catapult their lifestyles through personal growth and financial strategies.

Sally brings a joyful and positive element to her writings, workshops and speaking events. As a widow and a single mom, she has real stories to tell that create a lasting impact on her audiences. Her power lies in engaging women in envisioning and embracing the future, and drawing on that as a source for change in their personal and financial lives.

She has spoken at many women’s empowerment events, including the Women Economic Forum in New Delhi, India, The Dream You 2016, and the Unlimited Woman Conference in Los Angeles. She’s been featured on many digital TV and Radio Shows, including VoiceAmerica’s Rebecca Hall Gruyter Show, “Age with Attitude TV” with Jan Rose Distel, and CUTV News Radio with Doug Llewelyn and Jim Masters.

Her numerous awards include Continental Who’s Who Pinnacle Financial Professional for 2015, NAPW Woman of the Year for 2015, Women Economic Forum’s Iconic Woman of Wealth Empowerment Award, and the Eippy Award for Best Selling Authors.

She lives in Colfax, California with her fiancé, and her two dogs, two cats, a parrot and her beloved chickens.


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