Sally Domingo is a Wealth Empowerment Expert and founder of Women Wealth Mastery. For over 25 years, she has been an entrepreneur in advising and sales. She is passionate about educating professional women to master their finances. She was a staff writer for Wealthy Woman Magazine, and is a featured wealth professional in Distinctive Women Magazine for 2015. She was inducted by the National Association of Professional Women into their Woman of the Year Circle for leadership in wealth management. And she has recently been inducted as Pinnacle Financial Professional into Continental Who’s Who.

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“I felt like I was doomed after my rental property went belly up. I can say that money is something I didn’t want to look at it before. Now I’m not intimidated by it. My self-talk about money has really changed. I feel like I’m in charge of my life…after decades of making meaningless decisions and nothing more. Sally helped me to take the fear out of money, to be educated, more purposeful. I used to have a budget, which felt like pressure, sacrifice. Now I have a real plan, and that is liberating!” –Jacalynn Blankenship