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My mission is to offer financial education, wisdom and confidence to women.  To enable them to grow their wealth and achieve a greater level of happiness and security, and inevitably to bring wealth to their communities. To help women to find their power and reach out for opportunities.  To master their money in order to master their lives and improve the lives of others.

Many successful women lose sleep at night about their finances.

You work hard to make a good income, and yet you feel like you’re treading water and never getting ahead. What you really want is to have your money working for you so you have more freedom, and you can travel more and have more fun!

My Wealth Mastery Strategy uses a six-tiered approach to get you where you want to be.

My clients get BIG Results! You too can experience:

  • Walk away with increased self-confidence
  • Reduced anxiety around money
  • Concrete knowledge of savings and investing concepts
  • A renewed sense of freedom to put yourself first in your life and to do the things you’ve always dreamed of doing
  • And a real financial plan that will take you far into the future

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“I felt like I was doomed after my rental property went belly up. I can say that money is something I didn’t want to look at it before. Now I’m not intimidated by it. My self-talk about money has really changed. I feel like I’m in charge of my life…after decades of making meaningless decisions and nothing more. Sally helped me to take the fear out of money, to be educated, more purposeful. I used to have a budget, which felt like pressure, sacrifice. Now I have a real plan, and that is liberating!”

Jacalynn Blankenship

“I was excited to attend an event Sally was presenting at, three things I noticed immediately; she is the real deal, she knows what she is talking about, and she speaks from experience. When she asked, “what is your money story?”, I quickly averted my eyes attempting to avoid that annoying question! She said, “give yourself permission to love your money, master it, and use it to catapult your life.” I absolutely believed her when she said that was possible, I could see it in her eyes. This is a woman who has really dug in to help others in tough situations. I thought, if she can help others, she can help me too and took her at her word. Within two months I tripled my income, started to do more of the work I LOVE, and honestly CANNOT Thank Sally enough for her wisdom, conviction, and inspiration.”

Deidre Trudeau, Brush of Creativity

I so loved our strategy session today, I enjoyed every minute!  Thank you for your great advice (which I will and do take to heart) and for bringing all your life experience, wisdom and talents to the forefront to help women everywhere.  You have a true gift which is so needed at this time and in the future!”

Debbie Rybak

I met Sally working a part time assistant job that I enjoyed but I wasn’t making enough to get by.  Sally and I clicked right away and once I heard her speak, I knew I had to work with her!  I didn’t know how I was going to afford it, but I knew I had to.  In my first meeting with her, she made me realize my worth and what I had to offer.  She made me see my experience and knowledge were actually valuable and pushed me to another job that could utilize my experience. With this new job and this newfound grasp on money from Sally, I was finally able to dig myself out of my financial hole and start paying debts off and start saving.  When she told me how much I could save in a year by putting her teachings into practice, I was skeptical, but I followed her advice and her exercises even after my sessions had finished.  After a few short months, I realized my debts were getting lower and my savings was actually growing!  During this time, I got engaged and opened another account that my fiancé and I dubbed the “wedding fund” and both of us started to follow Sally’s advice for the next year. Imagine my surprise when I looked at our wedding fund and realized we could pay for this wedding in cash and start our marriage debt free! Sally has taught me to really visualize not only what I wanted from my finances, but in life and in my career.  I realized that I just wasn’t happy in my job at all, it was not my passion.  So, I took a look at my finances and thought, “this steady paycheck is nice, but I hate what I do.  I want to make money doing what I love and am passionate about,” so I enrolled in school again to became a certified personal stylist. In a year and half with working with Sally, I not only was able to pay for our beautiful wedding, but I had enough money saved to quit my job and spend the next few months starting my own personal styling business. My life has changed drastically in almost the two years that I have known her. I’m now doing what I love and building a business that I am proud of.  Had it not been for Sally, her time, her knowledge and her encouragement, I don’t know where I would be today. I am so grateful for the opportunity to know her and to have worked with her.  I would recommend anyone who wants to gain control and grow their finances to work with Sally. She is a master at what she does and her heart for helping women to succeed is priceless!”